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This night, like many before, Sebastian sat in the abandoned church for some much needed alone time. As he sat, he reminisced about the life he had that led up to his current situation.

He had to admit, the journey was not all bad.

In truth, his time contracted to Ciel was one of his more fun contracts. It was a shame that things had to end the way they did.

“Maybe if I could find a way to kill him…” He thought absently.

He knew he couldn’t.

Finally, in this church all alone with noone to complain or bother him, Sebastian sighed. Nothing but a faded painting of the night skies consolations leading into the arms of the son of god, chipped and scratched on the ceiling. Empty pews, whose wood had long since rotted, sat waiting for someone to fill their emptiness. And stone pillars lining both sides of the sad abandoned holy house. Even the stone appeared discolored and rotted.

At the far end of the church, opposite the door, lay a cross standing on a small table. Two old candles kept it company as it watched over a very aged bible. The pages of the book had long since ruined, the words dulled and it’s pages thin and eroding away.

Sebastian smiled at the sorry state of the old church. Smiling he sunk into one of the pews at the middle of the house of god.

The wood gave a soft cry at having to hold his weight, but did not crumble.

Sebastian breathed in the moldy and rotting air that surrounded him. Just as he released his breath, there was a strike of lightning inside the church, covering everything in a white-ish blue wash that made the old church look new, at least for a partial second.

Sebastian stood fast, moving out of the way of whatever was coming,  and jumped above the door beneath a broken stain glass window. Hiding in the shadow of the moonlight that seeped through the broken pieces.  

“Maybe God finally noticed a demon in one of his houses of worship.” Sebastian smirked, but his eyes were concentrated on the spot where the lightning struck.

He waited to see if there would be a second strike, but nothing came. There was, however, a flap of wings.

Sebastian Debated on whether or not he should leave the church. The wings definitely came from an angel and sebastian most definitely did not want to deal with one of them. But, he was also curious. Why was the angel here?

Sebastian descended from under the broken window and hid in the shadows at the far corner of the church and watched.

The angel was looking down at something on the floor beneath  the altar. Sebastian couldn’t see what it was due to the rows of seats blocking his view, but he heard pained moans coming from where the angel scrutinized.

He watched as the angel smirked, a smirk that could rival his own, and stomped their foot down on what or whoever was lying there.

“This is where you belong. Not with us.” There was a pained cry.

The angel smirked even wider. Their long hair, currently tied at the base of their neck, was messy with strands falling out of the tie and there looked to be specs of blood dotting the ends. Their face was covered in splotches of blood, as well as their hands and sleeves. What Sebastian found strange, besides the bloodied angel, and ever more interesting, were the bunches of (w/c) feathers that the angel had clutched in their hands.

“Half breed filth like you don’t deserve to live in such divinity.” The angel then threw the bloodied, crumpled feathers to the ground with a manic grin.

And with that, the angel flapped their wings and disappeared.

Sebastian waited a while before he moved out of the shadows, making sure that nothing else unexpected was going to pop out.

He moved to the isle of the church and was surprised by what he saw lying beneath the altar.

There laid a body covered in blood. The body was lying on it’s stomach and there were two matching, long, jagged gashes on it’s back.

Sebastian approached the body and heard soft, almost inaudible, cries coming from it. Based on the sound of the cries and the size of the body, Sebastian concluded that it was a woman.

Crouching, Sebastian ghosted his fingers over the large gashes on the small back. The wounds were positioned in a way that made Sebastian think of wings being torn out of the woman's back.

“That’s not at all possible.” Sebastian whispered aloud. “This is most definitely a human...though…” Sebastian breathed in.

He could smell the soul emitting from the woman, but it had a strange sent to it. Strangely, it gave him no thought or urge to consume it. Which was a first.

All human souls, even the most foul of them, gave demons the urge to consume. Whether it be that particular soul, or just to consume a soul. This soul, however, gave him no urge - no hunger.

It was like when humans smelled flowers. It smelled beautiful, magnificent even, but it didn’t make him hunger.

Gently, Sebastian turned the woman over, making sure not to let her back touch the floor of the church.

He checked to see if she was breathing. Once he confirmed that she was in fact breathing and still alive he lifted her into his arms, making sure that his arm wasn’t digging too much into the wounds on her back.

After he stood, Sebastian stopped. What was he going to do with her?

He couldn’t take her back to the house. Ciel would not be having that. Sebastian scoffed. Thinking of the brat only put him in a sour mood - besides, there wasn’t anything wrong with helping you. He could just tell Ciel that you were a new toy that he’d grown fond of.

That was something else Sebastian used to ease his...anger...annoyance...hunger? All of the above.

He found that in these current times, women were more assertive and knew, and were not afraid to tell, who and what they wanted.

This made things a lot easier for Sebastian - far less courting.

Deciding that it would be much of an issue, Sebastian decided that for the time being he would keep the girl in his room while she healed and then later, with his master's permission, he would let you stay in the spare room that was next to his in the house.

“This could be a good little distraction.” He smirked aloud before exiting the church and disappearing into the night.

Sebastian, upon arriving to the house that he shared with his master, decided that there was no need to try and sneak the women into his room. Ciel would know that he had returned and that he had someone with him. Just because the demon boy still had the form of a 13 year old, didn’t mean that his sense as a demon was at all diminished. Though to be fair, Ciel could easily change his appearance if he so chose to - only Sebastian never brought such topics up to his master. With Ciel being just as small as he was a century ago, to onlookers there relationship would be thought of as a son and a doting father.

He walked into the house through the front door, being greeted by darkness. Sebastian could see the couches in the living room on his left, not a pillow was out of place. His master's door was shut, as it should have been and the dining room on his right was still just as clean as he had left it. He went through the dining room in order to get to his room, glancing into the kitchen - now behind him, to make sure everything was still in it’s proper place.

The first thing he did when he got to his room was bring you into the connecting bathroom. He gently placed you in the bath tub, taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves. It was time to get to work.


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